Bloom is a promotional design agency. We help clients think up thousands of unique ways to creatively advertise… through products! Bloom is the breeding ground where promotional items are invented to express both the simplest and the most sophisticated ideas!

Bloom is enriched by the expertise of Cynthia Moutamara, who can boast over 20 years in the field of promotional products. In 2010, with over a decade’s worth of expertise in the field with her former company, and having worked closely with over 150 clients and having fulfilled the promotional needs of well over a hundred businesses, Cynthia decided to stand on her own and create the young and dynamic company, Bloom. Even before Bloom had set up shop, customers started flocking to her. They looked for the secret ingredient they couldn’t find anywhere else: Cynthia’s exceptional flair!


Bloom is undaunted by even the most outlandish project proposals, and will find a way to take the ‘im’ out of impossible.

Bloom works with your needs and suggests items that are truly attuned to your tastes or creates great custom-made products. Bloom can find the right promotional product or develop a custom-made product unique to your company or to your needs and made with your specific requests and instructions. Bloom communicates creatively and efficiently with either Bloom’s inhouse design department, your advertising agency, your creative team, your go-to person, your communications, marketing, and sales departments, to produce an unforgettable item—an item chosen from among a wide variety of products and made in line with your most exacting requests and instructions. Your choice of printing techniques will also put the finishing touches on your item.

Bloom works with businesses, both in Montreal, and throughout Quebec and Canada. Whether working with the educational system or the pharmaceutical, restaurant, clothing, travel or entertainment industry, Bloom is always thrilled to work within diverse contexts and is excited to find the promotional product that will make everyone happy.

Associations, foundations, and non-profit organizations
Most organizations that call upon Bloom want to energize their annual fundraising events. Bloom loves to come up with the themes and concepts that are most aligned with, and best express, the organization’s values. In some cases—especially if the organization expresses the desire to attract more funding—Bloom will also distribute the final products to retail stores.

As a mother of young children herself, Cynthia Moutamara loves working with schools to find products that will best serve the school’s cause. Promotional products for schools can take many forms and celebrate a variety of functions or events. These may include: items for the school’s open house, plates to commemorate a significant event, bracelets or graduation rings to commemorate just about anything or serve as an end of the year gift, and diplomas or prizes to encourage and reward a student’s achievements. In all cases, Bloom will find the ideal item that is age-appropriate for the student, and make eco-friendly and fair-trade products a viable option.